about LilO is the first entrepreneurial boutique of its kind, offering clients highly creative, proactive and individualized services and setting new standards in mergers and acquisitions. Equipped with a solid background in
traditional M&A advisory, LilO also strives to develop a more holistic and dynamic approach in the field of corporate transactions based on true hands-on experiences and a unique entrepreneurial spirit.

about about

Over the years, we have been witness to countless transactions led by the major M&A
advisories, participating on both sides - sellers and buyers. We have come to realize that there
are several visible and hidden factors involved in achieving a successful transaction. Genuinely
committed, LilO goes beyond the traditional M&A process. We know that there is much more
involved in achieving successful transactions than the standard approaches and data-based
selections of potential buyers or targets. We see deals on a daily basis, and recognize that the
key to their success is implementing a process that is highly individualized, and dynamic and
based on a clear and in-depth understanding of the prospects of all sides involved. We work in
close collaboration with our clients, analyzing what and how to invest/divest in line with their
corporate strategy, market trends and opportunities for growth. Our strength lies in the
development and implementation of individualized M&A strategies, based on the client’s past
experience and future prospects.

We dare to be different to be better.

Our Main Goal Is To Create Sustainable Value

business business


The partners of LilO have offered advisory services for M&A transactions ranging from EUR 1 million to EUR 250 million. Our experience and specific focus on transactions in the mid-market segment have enabled us to build a unique M&A and entrepreneurial boutique that specializes in cross-border transactions worth between EUR 2 million up to EUR 100 million. Some of these transactions extend across various industries including healthcare, telecommunications, media, consumer goods, clean tech and life sciences. We support entrepreneurs in the development of their business ventures and exit strategies, through a wellstructured process of buying and selling assets and shareholdings.
We are genuinely committed to:

  • Managing and expanding our own business ventures: we are passionate business angels.
  • Exit strategies and divestments: we create and maximize a business's exit value and develop and implement value-enhancing divestment options and strategies during all phases.
  • Buyer site transactions: we provide support to our clients in the development of an investment strategy in line with corporate development, market trends and growth opportunities. We proactively approach, screen and evaluate opportunities based on criteria defined within the investment strategy.
  • Restructuring & turn-around management (exit-oriented): we help distressed companies obtain the maximum value by creating and implementing a step exit strategy over a period of 18 to 24 months.
  • MBOs (Management Buy Outs): we assist managers with financing and structuring take-overs of the businesses they know inside out.
  • Joint ventures and co-operation agreements: we assist our clients in defining and realizing co-operation strategies and joint ventures based on a clear understanding of shared expectations.

LilO is specialized in selecting opportunities that lead to highly attractive transactions.

LilO stands for innovation in the field of mergers & acquisitions. As pioneers, we go beyond the traditional M&A process. With our innovative HUGO assessment tool®, we conduct comprehensive and holistic Due Diligence, something that a regular
M&A advisory cannot offer.

Some 250 executives in M&A were interviewed and only 30 percent expressed satisfaction with the due diligence that had been set up. All too often, due diligence becomes a "box-checking" exercise, with the collection of tons of data, but failure to address the essential elements of a transaction proposal. The success of a transaction and post-merger integration enormously depend on identifying and focusing on the specific factors that the involved parties deem important. For any progress to be made during this process, it is essential to understand the shared expectations, core values, corporate cultures, potential risks and dependencies on both sides.

From the perspective of holistic analysis and to improve the chances of a sustainable transition and/or a successful exit, we believe that there is a strong need to broaden the focus in the early stages of a transaction to include these aspects. In collaboration with Knowledge Management Austria, LilO has developed an innovative analysis knowledge management tool for business development and transaction strategies, called the HUGO assessment tool®. The HUGO assessment tool® assists in the analysis, display and communication of knowledge and information regarding the intangible and tangible aspects of a company.

LilO Ventures in cooperation with the Austrian Business Agency have developed a new product called the Ecosystem Report Austria. It gives potential investors a detailed insight into the Austrian market and its particularities including a general overview of a specific sector. It also includes a customized analysis of the operational and regulatory environment within one sector.

Each detailed report is specially made for the particular client and focuses on the areas most important to him. We only use the most reputable market analysis sources (Euromonitor International, Datamonitor, Market Line, etc.).
In the report we prepare all market data related to the individual targets, competitors, the major clients and suppliers in the sector, collaborators, connectors, innovators,

government representatives, public institutions, public and private associations, chamber of commerce departments, market trends, regulatory environment, major publications, procedures, tax and legal information and contact details. Buyer side clients additionally receive a comprehensive overview of potential acquisition targets listed by value chain position which fulfill the company's operational and strategic goals.

LilO Ventures Team LilO Ventures Team

Stefanie Pingitzer
as the founder and CEO of LilO entrepreneur boutique, has worked on M&As, restructuring projects and company foundations for virtually her entire professional life. During her career, she has worked with and advised several private equity and venture capital firms, gaining international experience in Dubai, Hong Kong, Madrid, Paris, London and Brussels. Stefanie has a ten-year history of starting, developing and selling private companies and has built up her own portfolio of business ventures over the last few years. Stefanie studied law and earned a PhD from the University of Vienna.

Being successful involves steady progress and constantly challenging yourself.

Lisa Ittner
as FCO (yes FCO) of LilO entrepreneur boutique is motived by her passion for investments and M&A deals as win win situation creating value on both sides. LilO - Loving Initiatives and Living Opportunities reflects her personal approach perfectly. With this mindset she collected insights into growth and restructuring projects on behalf of A.T. Kearney, ABB, CERN and Böhler-Uddeholm and gained international experience within the CEMS business community in China, India and Russia. She was mainly engaged with expansion strategies for multinationals investing in new markets. Over the last years she analysed innovative and disruptive business models and investment opportunities for leading business angels and corporate members of the Federation of Austrian Industries. Lisa studied International Management and Entrepreneurship & Innovation at WU Vienna and ESADE in Barcelona.

LilO Ventures Team

Sarah Soeding
As Junior Research Analyst at LilO, Sarah is combing her passions for spotting transformational synergies & opportunities with creative approaches to usually standardized processes in analytics and finance. Her work is committed to creating value in the spirit of the holistic triple bottom line approach for a long-lasting success. So far, her efforts have been successful in Tanzania and India, where she found and managed several micro-finance projects. Having been concerned with developing sustainable business strategies and their effective implementation in difficult economical environments, she has gained experience on market analysis, business development and -integration. As project manager in the world’s largest student consultancy for non-profit enterprises 180 Degrees Consulting, she has leveraged the impact of social businesses with entrepreneurial financial and strategic advice. She is currently specializing her Bachelor of International Business at the Vienna University of Economics and Business in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, focusing her research on energy & biotech-entrepreneurship in the fields of material ecology and sustainability.

Those who don't jump will never fly.

Christian Wurditsch
as CSO of LilO entrepreneur boutique, is an experienced strategic advisor and entrepreneur. Investment projects were a core task in all his roles as private equity partner, head of strategy and corporate development with the Austrian Post or strategy consultant with Accenture. In the last 4 years he worked as founder and co-founder with focus on new media and professional services. Born in Vienna, and with a doctorate in strategic management and sport economy successfully completed, his multifaceted international activities ensure that he has a wide spectrum of experience in sectors such as, for example, new media, logistics and financial services. Christian is also an alumni of the business school INSEAD in Fontainebleau.

LilO Ventures Team

Ivanka Visnjic

Ivanka Visnjic is an Assistant Professor of Innovation at ESADE Business School and a Research Sponsor at Cambridge Service Alliance, University of Cambridge. Before joining ESADE, Ivanka worked at a consulting firm McKinsey & Co and completed a PhD at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium. Her research, consulting and speaking activities are focused on business model innovation of established companies, such as shift to services and solution business models, platform business models and disruptive business models. She has been working closely with top management of a number of global companies, such as Atlas Copco, BAE Systems, Caterpillar, GEA, IBM, Pearson and Zoetis. She designed and thought courses in the areas of creativity and innovation, innovation and R&D management, design thinking, business model innovation and service innovation. Ivanka has thought in MBA and Executive Programs with participants from all around the globe and from sectors such as pharmaceutical, industrial and financial services. Ivanka has received an IBM Faculty Award as well as scholarships and awards from various academic institutions. Her research has been published in prestigious academic journals and she regularly presents at leading international conferences and reviews for several journals. Ivanka speaks fluently English, Serbian and Croatian and has a conversation ability in French, Italian and Spanish.

Luck always follows the brave.

Fabian Waechter

Fabian is Health Care and Life Science Advisor at LilO. He has 12 years of international experience in health care including 5 years at Pfizer, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. There he held Local Management Board and Governmental Affairs positions in Austria as well as a Global Market Access and Pricing Lead role in the New York Headquarters. He started his pharma career on the other side as a public servant in drug licensing.
Fabian is also a proudly failed start-up entrepreneur and successfully manages the board of a small family trust invested in retail and real estate. He has held several part time teaching positions for more than 8 years at Technical Universities and is also a continuous learner himself. Already a double graduate of the Medical School Vienna and the Harvard School of Public Health, he recently returned to school at Columbia University/London Business School for a part time Executive MBA. He swears it’s his last degree before his retirement. Fabian is the proud father of Nicolaus, the world’s coolest baby.

how to get involved how to get involved

The relationships with our clients are based on mutual trust and openness, and our goal is to build successful,
long-term prospects for both sides. We are accustomed to working intensively in a dynamic and result-oriented environment with our clients, partners and employees. This is why we only take on projects in which we know we will be able to perform while maintaining our business and ethical principles intact, and when we know we can meet the expectations of our clients. LilO’s philosophy stands for performance, discipline, authenticity and results. We communicate our values and objectives in a clear and concise manner to our employees. For us, formality and procedure are not important as long as the objectives are met.

If you are interested in working with LilO,
here are a few suggestions to get started:

  • First contact:call, email, skype, request a meeting
  • Expectations:what are you striving to achieve and how can we help?
  • Analysis:market & company – recent developments, prospects & latest trends
  • Strategy:what are the steps to be taken to get where you want to be?
  • Action:strategy implementation
  • Satisfaction:mission completed

frequently asked questions

Questions people frequently ask LilO

What does your name mean?

LilO is about the spirit and attitude of the entrepreneur. The letters are an acronym for Loving Initiatives + Living Opportunities. But, on the whole, LilO stands for running a business with a true entrepreneurial spirit.

Do you focus on any industry in particular?

Over the years, we have been involved mainly in healthcare, media, clean tech, telecommunications and consumer goods.
Despite the above, we do not specialize in any particular industry, because we set up each process individually and, in fact,
we enjoy the diversity, flexibility and challenge that working in a variety of industries offers. We focus on understanding
and meeting the expectations of our clients and those of potential buyers. We like to wear the buyer's hat and poke and
probe your business without bias. And often, too much focus on a single sector creates blinders—creative, open minds are
the key drivers of our success.

What are the main profiles of the companies you work with?

We mainly focus on mid-sized companies with an annual turnover of between EUR 2 million and EUR 100 million. Our
clients are generally shareholders who are looking to change or re-assess their business models or cost structures. Many
are shareholders or management teams whose goal is to sell their business or some of their assets. Others want to
optimize their operations and/or seek opportunities for growth and additional synergies.

How do you manage confidentiality?

From the first moment of contact, upholding integrity and confidentiality is a matter of principle for us. Before signing an
NDA, we do not disclose the names of our clients to interested or targeted parties. As you can see on our website, we do
not promote our clients and exit projects. Confidentiality, for us, is of utmost importance.

How long will it take to achieve the objective?

In initiating and realizing transactions, timing is crucial. Depending on your prospects, the time required to carry out a transaction may take anywhere from 6 to 18 months. We have, in fact, managed to set up and close a deal within a
3-month period, but this time-line is definitely not the regular case. We strongly believe in building a highly dynamic
process designed to move steadily towards the objectives that have been set.


If you have any questions or you want to meet with us, feel free to contact us:


Hadikgasse 138
A-1140 Vienna

UID-Nr. ATU 64765025
t: +43 1 89 47 580
f:+43 1 89 22 123
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